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History, in it's simplest form, is people, places and events. But for those of us that regard it as an indispensible part of our lives, it is so much more.

History gives us insight to who we are as people, as a culture, as nations. It gives us perspective when we question the events that are occuring around us in our own time. It provides examples of the best and worst of human behavior so that we can better judge our own actions. It tells a story both vast and intricate, and allows us to add a bit of ourselves for the sake of future generations.

No single source can possibly contain the whole of human history. These pages are no exception, and therefore the History Goddess has selected a collection of resources deemed most interesting and useful to social studies and history students, teachers, and enthusiasts. General topics include:

Includes personal and professional statistics for each president of the United States of America.

Here you will find a list of notable people that have died, catagorized by their year of death.

The list is now complete, from 1900 - 2011

A biography of a selected historical figure. Most recently added: Lizzie Borden.

"History is the framework by which we ascertain our future." - Jill Nicholson

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