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12 - Zachary Taylor

Personal Statistics:

Birth Date: November 24, 1784

Birthplace: Orange County, Virginia

Father: Richard Taylor (1744-1829)

Mother: Sarah Dabney Strother (1760-1822)

Height at Prime: About 5 feet 8 inches

Physical Description: Disproportionate figure, long arms, stocky torso, short legs, hazel eyes, brown hair, long nose

Religion: Episcopalian

Wife: Margaret Mackall Smith (September 21, 1788 – August 14, 1852)

Marriage Date: June 21, 1810

Marriage Place: Home of the bride’s sister (Mrs. Mary Chew), near Louisville, Kentucky


-- Ann Margaret Mackall Taylor Wood (April 9, 1811 – December 2, 1875)

-- Sarah Knox Taylor Davis (March 6, 1814 – September 15, 1835)

-- Octavia Pannel Taylor (August 16, 1816 – July 8, 1820)

-- Mary Elizabeth Taylor Bliss Dandridge (April 20, 1824 – July 25, 1909)

-- Richard Taylor (January 27, 1826 – April 12, 1879)

Death Date: July 9, 1850

Place of Death: White House, Washington, District of Columbia

Cause of Death: Cholera morbus caused by contaminated raw fruit and milk

Final Words: “I regret nothing, but I am sorry that I am about to leave my friends.”

1st Place of Burial: Congressional Cemetery, Washington, District of Columbia

2nd Place of Burial: Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

Professional Statistics:

Captain in the army during War of 1812 (1812-1814)

Colonel in the army during Black Hawk War (1832)

Commander of forces during Second Seminole War (1837-1840)

General during the Mexican War (1846-1848)

12th President of the United States (1849-1850)

Political Party: Whig

His Vice President: Millard Fillmore (1849-1850)

Events During Presidency:

Clayton-Bulwer Treaty (1850)

Galphin Claim

Slavery Issue


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