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15 - James Buchanan

Personal Statistics:

Birth Date: April 23, 1791

Birthplace: Log cabin at Cove Gap, near Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Father: James Buchanan Sr. (c. 1761-1821)

Mother: Elizabeth Speer (1767-1833)

Height at Prime: Just over 6 feet

Physical Description: Fair complexion, massive forehead, large blue eyes, head was cocked to the left

Religion: Presbyterian

Wife: Was never married (only bachelor president)

Death Date: June 1, 1868

Place of Death: Wheatland estate, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Cause of Death: Pneumonia and inflammation of the lining of the heart

Final Words: “Oh Lord God Almighty, as Thou wilt.”

Burial Place: Woodward Hill Cemetery, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Professional Statistics:

Served in army during the War of 1812 (1814)

Member of Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1815-1816)

U.S. Representative (1821-1831)

U.S. Minister to Russia (1832-1833)

U.S. Senator (1834-1845)

Secretary of State (1845-1849)

Minister to Great Britain (1853-1856)

15th President of the United States (1857-1861)

Political Party: Democrat

His Vice President: John Cabell Breckinridge (1857-1861)

Events During Presidency:

The Kansas Question (Dred Scott Decision)

Panic of 1857

Minnesota admitted to the Union (1858)

Oregon admitted to the Union (1859)

Kansas admitted to the Union (1861)

Secession prepared by the Southern states

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