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25 - William McKinley

Personal Statistics:

Birth Date: January 29, 1843

Birthplace: Small frame house, Niles, Ohio

Father: William McKinley Sr. (1807-1892)

Mother: Nancy Allison (1809-1897)

Height at Prime: 5 feet 7 inches

Physical Description: Barrel chest, paunch with age, deep set blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, fair complexion, cleft chin

Religion: Methodist

Wife: Ida Saxton (June 8, 1847 – May 26, 1907)

Marriage Date: January 25, 1871

Marriage Place: First Presbyterian Church, Canton, Ohio


-- Katherine McKinley (December 25, 1871 – June 25, 1875)

-- Ida McKinley (April 1, 1873 – August 22, 1873)

Death Date: September 14, 1901

Place of Death: Home of Pan American Exposition president John G. Milburn, Buffalo, New York

Cause of Death: Gangrene that developed from an assassin’s bullet to the abdomen

Final Words: “It is God’s way. His will be done, not ours. We are all going…Oh, dear”

1st Burial Place: Westlawn Cemetery, Canton, Ohio

2nd Burial Place: McKinley National Memorial and Museum, Canton, Ohio

Professional Statistics:

Private to brevet major in the Twenty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry (1861-1865)

U.S. Representative (1877-1883), (1885-1891)

Governor of Ohio (1892-1896)

25th President of the United States (1897-1901)

Political Party: Republican

His Vice Presidents:

-- Garret Augustus Hobart (1897-1899)

-- Theodore Roosevelt (1901)

Events During Presidency:

Dingley Tariff Act (1897)

Annexation of Hawaii (1898)

Spanish-American War (1898)

Open Door Policy and the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1900)

Gold Standard Act (1900)


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