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42 - Bill Clinton

Personal Statistics:

Birth Date: August 19, 1946

Birthplace: Julia Chester Hospital, Hope, Arkansas

Father: William Jefferson Blythe (c. 1917-1946)

Mother: Virginia Dell Cassidy (1923-1994)

Height at Prime: 6 feet 2 ½ inches

Physical Description: Blue-gray eyes, thick hair, fair complexion, left-handed, raspy sounding voice

Religion: Southern Baptist

Wife: Hillary Diane Rodham (October 26, 1947 - ____ )

Marriage Date: October 11, 1975

Marriage Place: Their new home, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Children: Chelsea Victoria Clinton (February 27, 1980 - ____ )

Professional Statistics:

Law Professor at the University of Arkansas (1973-1976)

Attorney General of Arkansas (1977-1979)

Governor of Arkansas (1979-1981)

Practicing Lawyer (1981-1982)

Governor of Arkansas (1983-1992)

42nd President of the United States (1993-2001)

Political Party: Democrat

His Vice President: Albert Gore Jr. (1993-2001)

Events During Presidency:

Family and Medical Leave Act (1993)

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy (1993)

Brady Bill (1993) – 5 Day Waiting Period for Gun Registration

Earned Income Tax Credit (1993)

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (1993)

Travelgate Controversy (1993-2000)

Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia (1993)

Whitewater Controversy (1993)

Troopergate (1993)

Bombing of the Twin Towers (1993)

First Official White House Web Site (1994)

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (1994)

Omnibus Crime Bill (1994)

Bosnia (1995)

Children’s Health Insurance Program (1997)

Adoption and Safe Families Act (1997)

Monica Lewinsky Scandal (1998)

Impeachment and Trial in the Senate (1998-1999)

Al-Qaeda Bombings of U.S. Embassies in East Africa (1998)

Foster Care Independence Act (1999)

Operation Allied Force in Yugoslavia (1999)

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