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7 - Andrew Jackson

Personal Statistics:

Birth Date: March 15, 1767

Birthplace: Waxhaw region between North and South Carolina

Father: Andrew Jackson (d. 1767)

Mother: Elizabeth Hutchinson (d. 1781)

Height at Prime: 6 feet 1 inch

Physical Description: Tall and lean, blue eyes, angular face topped by unruly mass of reddish hair, pale complexion

Religion: Presbyterian

Wife: Rachel Donelson Robards (June 15, 1767 – December 22, 1828)

Marriage Date: January 17, 1794

Marriage Place: Nashville, Tennessee

Children: Adopted son Andrew Jackson Jr. (December 4, 1808 – April 17, 1865)

Death Date: June 8, 1845

Place of Death: The Hermitage, Nashville, Tennessee

Cause of Death: Heart failure due to consumption, dropsy and tubercular hemorrhaging

Final Words: “Oh, do not cry. Be good children, and we shall all meet in Heaven.”

Burial Place: The Hermitage, Nashville, Tennessee

Professional Statistics:

Military service in American Revolution (1780-1781)

U.S. Representative (1796-1797)

U.S. Senator (1797-1798)

Justice of Tennessee Superior Court (1798-1804)

General during the War of 1812 (1812-1815)

General during the First Seminole War (1817-1818)

U.S. Senator (1823-1825)

7th President of the United States (1829-1837)

Political Party: Democrat

His Vice Presidents:

-- John C. Calhoun (1829-1832)

-- Martin Van Buren (1833-1837)

Events During Presidency:

Kitchen Cabinet

Spoils System

Peggy Eaton Affair (1829-1831)

Tariff and Nullification (1832)

Jackson versus the Bank of the United States (1832-1836)

Indian Policy and their relocation

Michigan admitted to Union (1837)

Black Hawk War (1832)

Assassination attempt on January 30, 1835

Arkansas admitted to Union (1836)  

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